What are Long-haired French Bulldogs and How Rare are They

French bulldogs, or affectionately “Frenchies”, are small adorable dogs with big heads and even bigger personalities. They are one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds. Many might be familiar with their short-haired, bat-eared look, but did you know that there are also French bulldogs with long hair?

Long-haired French bulldogs are the same as all other French bulldogs except for their shaggy hair. Long-haired French bulldogs are very rare—less than 1 percent of all French bulldogs that are born are long haired.

Crazy as it sounds, it’s true, and we’ve got all the information you could ever want to know about long-haired French bulldogs.

Photo by Patryk Kosmider

Do long-haired French bulldogs exist?

Yes, long-haired French bulldogs do exist but are extremely rare. Long-haired French bulldogs are the same as all other French bulldogs except for their shaggy hair. Long-haired French bulldogs can come in any of the standard French bulldog colors including black, fawn, white, brindle, tan, and a mixture of brindle and white.

How is a long-haired French bulldog possible?

Long-haired French bulldogs are the result of an extremely rare recessive gene being present in both the mother and father. The long hair gene is called Fibroblast growth factor 5 or FGF5. If both parents don’t have the gene, then it’s impossible for them to produce long-haired offspring. Parents don’t have to have long hair themselves to produce a long-haired child, they just need to have the gene present in their DNA.

Examples of long-haired French bulldogs

Here are three of our favorite long-haired French bulldogs on Instagram.

Fozzy The Fluffy Frenchie


Oh Hi Burney


Dougie the Frenchie


How rare are long-haired French bulldogs?

Long-haired French bulldogs are extremely rare. During our research we weren’t able to verify any reliable statistics but it’s safe to say that less than 1 percent of all French bulldogs that are born are long-haired.

How long is their fur?

Judging from pictures, long-haired French bulldogs have fur that is two to three times as long as regular French bulldogs. Also, they tend to have little patches of extra long shaggy fur around their ears, which make them kind of look like fuzzy Ewoks if you’re familiar with Star Wars.

Do long-haired French bulldogs cost more than non-long-haired ones?

Generally speaking, yes, long-haired French bulldog puppies cost more than short haired ones. Pricing will vary by breeder and location. On average, regular French bulldogs cost around $2,200, but expect to pay double that or more for a long-haired French bulldog.

We’ve come across a few breeders selling puppies with verified DNA tests showing the recessive long-haired gene for $4,500 or more.

We expect prices to continue to rise as the long-haired Frenchie becomes more popular. We’ve heard some folks speculate that buyers could expect to spend $10,000 or more for a long-haired French bulldog, although we haven’t been able to independently verify a price this high.

Are there breeders who specialize in long-haired French bulldogs?

Yes, there are breeders who specialize in producing long-haired French bulldogs. They test all their dogs for the long-haired gene to ensure higher success rates when reproducing long-haired offspring. Many will use the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory for the testing. Tests can cost a breeder $100 or more per dog, which is another reason why long-haired French bulldog puppies cost more.

We aren’t recommending or endorsing any of the breeders of long-haired French bulldogs as we haven’t personally verified their reputations.

As always when looking for a breeder do your due diligence and personally verify their reputations within the community. You can always check out this post for tips on choosing the right breeder. The post is about finding an English bulldog breeder but the same rules apply for Frenchies.

Are long-haired French Bulldogs an AKC standard?

No, long-haired coats are not an AKC standard of the French bulldog breed. As described by the AKC, the French Bulldog standard coat is “moderately fine, brilliant, short and smooth.” Long hair is not mentioned as a characteristic.

Do long-haired French bulldogs have any health issues?

Not much information is available on specific health concerns for long-haired French bulldogs, but they will generally have the same health concerns as their short-haired counterparts.

Be mindful of respiratory complications, spinal disorders, heatstroke as well as eye, heart, and joint diseases.

Closing Thoughts

Long-haired French bulldogs are becoming more and more popular with every passing day due to their cute and shaggy fur coats. If you’re looking to find a long-haired French bulldog to bring home, good luck, as they are extremely rare and expensive. Always make sure to do you due diligence when selecting a breeder and make sure they are breeding for more than just the money.










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