Why is My Bulldog’s Nose Crusty and Dry? Tips for a Healthy Nose

A dog’s nose is one of its most prized and important features, giving it a keen sense of smell among other benefits. Did you know, for example, that dogs’ noses have tear glands which help drain excess tears?

I bet you didn’t know that! But, I’m sure you do know that a dog’s nose also has sweat glands, which help regulate its body temperature.

So, in short, a dog’s nose plays an important role in keeping him or her healthy, which is why it’s important to keep it healthy as well. A good, healthy nose is usually moist and well hydrated. So, when your dog’s nose is crusty and dry, you know that something is wrong. What causes a bulldog to have a dry or cracked and crusty nose?

Bulldogs often develop dry noses during less humid seasons like winter and summer. A dry or crusty bulldog nose can also be a sign of dehydration, allergies, sunburn, illness, or Nasal Hyperkeratosis. To alleviate a bulldog’s dry nose make sure they drink plenty of water and apply a nose balm.

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A dry and crusty nose is a sign that your dog may not be hydrated enough. So, a simple remedy when you notice your bulldog’s nose is starting to dry up is to give him plenty of water.

Allergic reaction

Another reason that your dog’s nose might be dry or crusty could be because it came in contact with a material or substance that is irritating to his skin. Irritants such as plastics could cause your bulldog’s sensitive nose to dry up.


Your bulldog’s nose is very sensitive, and too much time spent out in the sun might cause it to get sunburnt, which will make it dry and crusty. That’s why it’s always a good idea to avoid taking your bulldog out at the hottest times of the day in the summer.

In addition to drying your dog’s nose, too much time in the sun can also lead to

  • Lumpy nose skin
  • Chalked nose skin

Painful nose

Winter season

The summer is not the only time to take precaution when protecting your bulldog’s skin. Winter can be particularly harsh for your bulldog’s skin, especially if you have the heat running at home throughout the day.

Winter months tend to be dry in general. That, added by the heater you might have on, can dry the nose of your bulldog. Bullies that like to rest near the heat vents are even more at risk.

An illness

One of the reasons your bulldog might have a crusty nose is because he/she is not feeling well. If your dog’s nose is crusty, he/she might have something minor like a fever, or in drastic cases, he/she might also be suffering from:

• Lupus

• Pemphigus

• Neurological conditions

If you fear that your bulldog is suffering from any of the above ailments, it’s best to take him or her to a vet immediately.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Bulldogs and other flat-nosed dogs are especially prone to Nasal Hyperkeratosis, which causes their nose to get crusty and excessively hard. This is incredibly uncomfortable for your bulldog, so it’s best to sooth as soon as you see it develop!

6 best ways to prevent dry, crusty noses in bulldogs

Here are six ways to help prevent your dog from developing a dry and crusty nose. These are also helpful methods to alleviate dryness.

Clean the nose

The first thing you should do if you notice your bulldog’s nose start to dry is to clean it.

You can do this by taking a clean, wet cloth and wiping his or her nose. If it was simply dirt or a pollutant that was causing your dog’s dryness, this will help clear it and your dog’s nose should start to moisten again.

Keep your dog hydrated

As we mentioned above, a crusty, dry nose might just mean that your dog has not had enough water to drink. Keeping your dog well hydrated is important for many health reasons, and is especially crucial during those hot, summer months, as well as the dry winter months (basically year-round!). And if he or she is being stubborn, you can always give them ice cubes to chew on.

Nose butter

Nose butter can be a quick and easy way to moisturize your bully’s dry nose. You can either choose to make it at home, or buy any of the variety of nose butters available at pet stores. Similar to moisturizers that you and I use, these usually contain items like shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, etc.

Nose balm

Is nose balm really that different from nose butter? The answer is yes!

Nose butters help to moisturize the nose. Nose balms, on the other hand, can reduce inflammation, eliminate bacteria, and keep your bulldog’s nose clean.

Avoid allergens

An excellent way to protect your bulldog is to eliminate allergens around him or her, and make sure that his or her space is kept clean and hygienic. Make sure that their toys and food items are kept clean and are not collecting dust. And to take extra precaution, you can choose to clean these items with an organic cleaner, in case your bully is extra sensitive to other cleaners.

Consult a vet

If after all these attempts your bully’s nose is still dry, then it might be something the vet can help address. You might also consider consulting a vet if this is a recurring problem. It is especially important to consult the vet if:

• The dryness occurs frequently

• The dryness is coupled with discharge

• The dryness occurs along with bleeding

• You notice excessive cracking of the nose skin

• Your dog is constantly licking or scratching his or her nose

Dry, crusty noses are pretty common among English bulldogs. But they can be uncomfortable, so it’s important that you understand the causes and know of some easy solutions to keep your bully’s nose clean, happy, and moist!











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