Top 15 Healthy Dog Treats For French Bulldogs

Like all breeds of dogs, French Bulldogs love their treats and will greedily devour them any time you offer. Dog treats can be given to your French Bullie for a variety of reasons, including as a tool to train them, something to keep them occupied and out of trouble or simply to make them happy and content.

Why are healthy treats important for French Bulldogs

The problem with many dog treats for French Bulldogs, however, is that they contain a lot of fat, salt, corn oil and other chemicals that aren’t exactly healthy for them and, in some cases, may be very unhealthy.

Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Barrack will tell you that no treats are the best treats to give your dog because they should instead be given a healthy, nutritious diet that helps control their weight. Her colleague Dr. Amy Farcas, however, disagrees, to a point, and recommends that French Bulldog owners “think about why you’re using treats and what message you intend and what behavior you want to reinforce. Whew! That sounds like a lot of thinking for a simple dog treat!

In any case, we believe you can give your furry friend some treats once in a while, or when they’re being trained, but you should make sure that any treats you give them are as healthy, natural and minimally-processed as possible.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 15 treats that you can give your Frenchie without the need to feel guilty or worry that you’re negatively affecting their health. They include several store-bought brands and also a few, non-processed options that you can make at home yourself. All will make your French Bulldog very happy and content. So keep reading to find out about the Top 15 Healthy Dog Treats For French Bulldogs. Enjoy!

5 Different Fruits and Veggies that are Excellent French Bulldog Treats

There are several different types of fruits and veggies that all dog breeds, including French Bulldogs, will happily gobble up.

1- Apples

Loaded with fantastic, all-natural ingredients like vitamin C, calcium, and fiber, apples are one of the best types of fruit you can give to your Frenchie as a treat. Even better, apples have natural sugars for energy but have absolutely no fat, salt or added chemicals. One thing to keep in mind is that the seeds of an apple are unhealthy, so you should cut the apple into slices and remove them before giving them to your canine companion.

2- Bananas

Very low in cholesterol and sodium, your French bulldog can definitely be given bananas as a treat but not very often as they are high in sugar. They are high in biotin, copper, fiber and potassium though, so do give them as a treat once in a while. They can be given right out of the peel or, if you want to give your Frenchie something that will occupy them a bit longer, frozen in medium-sized chunks.

3- Carrots

The AKC recommends carrots as a treat for your dog since they’re full of vitamin A and fiber. Before you give them however they should be cut into smaller, manageable chunks so that your French bulldog won’t have any risk of choking. You can also steam them to make them softer and serve them warm or cold.

4- Cucumbers

If your French bulldog is overweight a great treat for them would be cucumber chunks or slices. The reason is that cucumbers are very, very low in fat, carbs and oil. That means no extra weight gain and, in most cases, extra energy, which will help your pet to lose even more weight.

5- Celery

One of the best reasons to give your Frenchie celery is that it can help freshen their smelly breath! Besides that, celery is loaded with vitamins A, B and C and has a lot of other ingredients that scientists believe can help fight cancer and help their heart to be healthier.

5 Simple, Healthy Dog Treats with Only a Few Ingredients

Making treats at home for your French bulldog is a fun way to give them the treats they want, gives you a loving way to dote on your doggie, and helps you make sure that the ingredients you use are healthy and wholesome. The recipes below are from a few different websites and so we will talk a little about the treat and then give you a link to visit the site and get the recipe.

1- Baked Chicken Dog Treats

Dogs love chicken and, since it can be trimmed of most of its fat and offers a lean alternative to other meats, these treats make a healthy alternative to some store-bought brands. As you’ll read on the recipe website you can also make these treats with any other type of lean meat, or make them with a type of meat that doesn’t trigger their allergies if they have any.

Baked Chicken Dog Treats

2- Homemade Doggie Biscuits

Made with a small variety of wholesome, healthy and delish ingredients, the homemade dog biscuit recipe we’ve found for you will be one of your Frenchie’s faves! Beef broth, peanut butter and flaxseed are the main ingredients, along with oats and whole wheat flour. Plus, it only takes about 30 minutes to make them, including cooking time!

Homemade Dog Biscuits

3- Frozen Apple Dog Treats

If cooling your bulldog buddy down during summer is your goal while also giving him or her a healthy treat, these Frozen Apple treats are the ticket! As we’ve already talked about, apples are a great treat alone as they have lots of vitamins and fiber. With these treats, you’ll add 2 simple ingredients more; nonfat, plain greek yogurt and water. It doesn’t get much simpler or healthier!

Frozen Apple Dog Treats

4- Treats for your Diabetic French Bulldog

Finding treats for a dog with diabetes is not easy. Many are loaded with sugars and corn syrup and thus not recommended. This recipe, however, combines 2 simple ingredients that have almost no sugar at all. Even better, it only takes 15 minutes or so to make and bake, for a treat even your diabetic French bulldog will love. (Plus they’re high in protein!)

Diabetic Dog Treats

5- Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats

As the creator of this recipe will tell you, these delish doggie treats are great for when you’re training your French bulldog since they are soft and, when needed, can be broken into smaller bites so that you don’t overfeed them. If you have a Frenchie who isn’t into crunchy treats (not many, we realize) these are good too since, as we said, they’re nice and soft.

Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats

5 Healthy Treats for your French bulldog you can Purchase Online or at your Local Pet Store

If you’re pressed for time, don’t really like cooking or simply want something that you can purchase and give to your French bulldog without any fuss or muss, the last 5 treats should work just fine. We would suggest that you purchase 1 container first to make sure your fur-baby loves them before spending too much money on a treat they don’t.

1-Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats

These treats say that there are only 3 calories per treat, which is super-low. They have no artificial colors or flavors too, which is great, and have turmeric which is wonderful for older dogs as it can reduce inflammation. They are excellent for training and for smaller dog breeds, thus great for French bulldogs.

2- Healthy Spot Meat Freeze-Dried Treats

It’s rare to find a dog treat with just 1 ingredient but we did it for you! These treats have only beef liver, an ideal source of protein for any dog. These treats are ‘flash frozen’ to preserve their natural goodness, loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and can also be broken up and added to their regular kibble as a protein booster.

3- IMK9 Freeze-Dried Salmo Treats

Here’s another treat brand that only has 1 ingredient, and it’s a good one! Made with human-grade salmon (but don’t eat them yourself, they’re for your furry buddy!), these treats are only freeze-dried salmon with nothing else, including no soy, wheat or artificial stuff. They are, however, packed with all sorts of great ingredients like Omega 3 and 6 essential oils, zinc, potassium and numerous vitamins.

4- Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites

If your French bulldog has anxiety issues these treats can help. They contain melatonin. organic hemp, organic chamomile, L-tryptophan, and suntheanine, all ingredients that have a natural calming effect on dogs and are especially good if your Frenchie goes a little crazy when, for example, there are fireworks being shot off or a thunderstorm is passing through.

5- Emmy’s Best Chicken Jerky

With no fillers, additives or junk and only a handful of all-natural ingredients, these treats will be one of your Bullie’s faves. These are also sourced and made in the United States so you can rest assured that they haven’t been made with anything not on the label. Plus, they don’t leave your hands smelling weird!


Giving your French bulldog a treat when training, when they behave or just as a nice little gesture is a great idea. That being said, you don’t want to give them ‘junk food for dogs’ and make them fat, lethargic or at risk of doggie diseases. The treats above should help you do just that!

We hope you enjoyed Top 15 Healthy Dog Treats For French Bulldogs. If you have any questions or want to leave a comment please do in the space provided, and best of luck finding a treat your French Bulldog likes best!


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