Top 15 Healthy Dog Treats for English Bulldogs

My English bulldog always likes to accompany me when I’m in the kitchen. I know he’s looking for something to eat when he keeps wagging his tail and moving around my legs. While I have an arsenal of healthy treats now, a few months back, I was hard pressed for choices.

Many pet owners do not know this, but English bulldogs have a sensitive stomach. You have to be quite selective when it comes to choosing the right treats for your bully. I was really interested in getting my bulldog some healthy treats, and after careful research and comparison, I have compiled the following list of healthy treats, in case it is of help to you. Before that, however, let me break down what constitutes a “healthy” dog treat and how they can help improve the health of your English bulldog.

What treats are considered healthy for bulldogs?

There are some factors which you should consider when choosing healthy treats for your bulldogs. I will share with you a few questions which I always ask myself before choosing the dog treats for my English bulldog.

Currently, these are my favorite healthy dog treats for English bulldogs, which can be found on Amazon.

If you’re wondering what are the best products to use for your English bulldog, we got you covered. We created a recommended products page which links to every product we personally use for our English bulldog, Ollie.

Does it contain chemicals or added sugar?

If you’re buying the pre-packaged treats for your dog, you have to always go through the ingredient list. I like to avoid treats which consist of a high amount of sugar or any other chemicals. In my opinion, you should do the same. The number of dogs suffering from diabetes is increasing exponentially, and it’s best to avoid such treats which might give your bulldog health problems.

What is the fat content?

A rule of thumb which I always follow is never choose a dog treat which consists of more than 10 percent of the daily fat requirement for your dog. Anything over that is pushing your dog towards obesity.

What is the safe quantity of treats which you can provide to your dog daily?

My English bulldog is pretty persistent. Chances are when I give him a single dog treat, he won’t be satisfied at all. That is why I end up giving him at least a couple of dog treats. It is always important to read the labels of pre-packaged treats and know how much the recommended serving size is, before you spoil your dog with too many treats.

Can you make dog treats at home?

It is not always necessary to opt for the pre-packaged dog treats. You can easily make dog treats at home by using ingredients like raw vegetables, egg whites, and unbuttered popcorn. These are not only healthy but are also low in calories, and by making the treats yourself at home, you know exactly what your bulldog is ingesting. If you can manage them, it is a good idea to limit the store bought pre-packaged treats.

How do healthy treats improve the health of the bulldog?

I find that giving your English bulldog healthy treats rather than any random, cheap treats you might find at the store or online can make a difference to the health of your bulldog. I, for one, have seen this difference first hand. Below are just a few ways in which my English Bulldog has benefited from these healthy treats.

No stomach issues

Since switching to healthier treats, I have noticed that my bulldog has experienced less bloating, and had fewer instances of vomiting and diarrhea. These natural treats do seem to sooth his stomach better.

Smooth skin

The truth is that any vitamin and mineral deficiency directly impacts your dog’s skin. Treats that are full of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants can be very beneficial in keeping your dog’s skin smooth and silky.

Sugar in check

Diabetes in dogs is becoming increasingly common. However, I have been able to keep the sugar levels of my bulldog in check by not only limiting the treats but ensuring that his treats are not full of artificial sweeteners.

As you can see, the dog treats have a profound impact on the health of the dog. If you’re thinking about making the switch to healthier treats, here is a list which might be helpful to you.

Top 15 healthy dog treats for bulldogs

1. Fruits and vegetables

Same as us humans, having fruits and vegetables in your dog’s diet is important to ensure he or she get their nutrients. But maybe you haven’t considered these to be treats for your pets, and think of them more as regular food? Truth is, you can definitely consider them as treats between meals! Bananas, apples, berries, oranges, mangoes, and other fruits and vegetables are all great options. These not only provide essential nutrients to your dog, but plenty of them have a high water content which keeps them hydrated in any weather.

However, moderation is key when giving your dog these sweet, natural treats, as they still contain lots of natural sugars, which are not good for your dog when given in excess. You should also stay away from the canned versions of fruits and vegetables, as they often contain additional sodium or sugars.

2. Yogurt

Plain yogurt is excellent for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The probiotic properties can help your dog’s digestive system. You should avoid flavored yogurt, as it contains too much added sugar.

3. Eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile treats which you can provide your bulldog. The advantage is that you can cook them up in several different ways, so it’s a new treat for your dog every time!

4. Cheese

Dogs love cheese, so it’s always a great go-to when it comes to doggie treats. Not only is it delicious, cheese also contains protein, calcium, and vitamin A. As with all treats, it’s best enjoyed in moderation, so don’t give your bulldog more than one slice at a time. Cheese is also a great way to conceal medication, when you’re trying to get your bulldog to take any medicines.

5. Cooked salmon

Cooked salmon is another great, healthy treat because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content, which helps reduce inflammation, strengthens immune systems, and protects your dog’s skin. But, make sure the salmon is cooked thoroughly and never give your dog raw salmon, as it could be very harmful to his or her health.

6. Gluten-free dog cookies

Grain-free cookies are one of the best English bulldog treats that you can keep in your arsenal. With so many different flavors to choose from, your bulldog will never get bored of them.

7. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a great treat that you and your dog can enjoy together. It’s a great source of vitamins B and E, as well as healthy fats. I do recommend the sugar-free version as the healthier choice for your dog (and you as well!)

8. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes

One of my dog’s favorite treats are steamed pumpkin and sweet potatoes. These are not only delicious, but they help improve your bulldog’s digestion with their high fiber content.

9. Air-popped popcorn

This delicious, salty treat contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron and protein. They are a pretty healthy treat, but do take precaution when you give your bulldogs a few, since kernels can be a choking hazard for your bulldog.

10. Cooked fish fillets

Like cooked salmon, cooked fish fillets are a great source of omega-3 fatty acid for your bulldog, while also being kind to your dog’s sensitive stomach. The fish fillets by Honest Kitchen Wishes are a great choice because they consist of 100 percent human-grade fish.

11. Orijen Free-Run Duck Treats

Healthy doesn’t always mean you have to make them from scratch at home. There are a few options available in pet stores that are just as healthy. Orijen’s Free-Run Duck Treats consist of freeze-dried duck cubes. The advantage of the Orijen brand is that they only use wild caught meat and the treats get shipped to your doorstep quickly, which keeps them fairly fresh. The cookie-sized cube is moist and breaks easily, which makes it easy for your dog to consume. The duck meat is rich in iron and protein, which is what makes it so beneficial for your English bulldog.

12. Jerky dog treats

Jerky dog treats can consist of liver, seafood, meat, and other such ingredients. These are rich in protein and are great to use when training your bulldog. You can find them easily in stores and if you’re really ambitious, you can make your own at home!

13. Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Cookies

My dog can’t get enough of these delicious cookie treats, and I love giving them to him, knowing that they are organic. They do not consist of any growth hormones, antibiotics, or artificial colors. I highly recommend the chicken flavor—it’s my dog’s favorite!

14. Honest Kitchen Cuddles

If you really want to spoil your bulldog, then you can’t go wrong with The Honest Kitchen’s Cuddles. These are bit-sized delicious cookies that are grain-free and are made of wild caught salmon and pumpkin. They are human grade, so you can trust the quality. And they are only eight calories a cookie, so they are especially great when training your dog, when you don’t have to worry too much about how many treats you’re giving your dog while training him.

15. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

These treats are a great option for all dogs, but are especially good for dogs with allergies. They come in six different flavors, but with a limited number of protein and carbohydrate sources, so you know exactly what your dog is eating. They are grain-free and do not include any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

With so many different preservative-laden treats available, it is time that we become cautious about the health of our dogs and provide them with the healthiest options available. Time to choose a treat which not only satisfies the nutritional requirements but also makes your dog happy!

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