My Dog Goes Crazy Before Pooping, What Are The Poop Zoomies?

As you all know that dogs have different kinds of habits and behaviors that both confuse and entertain us. One of the most common among them is running away before pooping. Many dog owners refer to this as the poop zoomies.

The “poop zoomies” is a term used to describe the excess excitement a dog can exhibit before or after having a bowel movement. This type of behavior includes excited, sharp, and fast-paced movements known as FRAP, Frenetic Random Activity Periods.

In the majority of cases, zoomies occur either after a restful period or after a period of restlessness and discomfort. When a dog shows strange behaviors like crazy running or freak-outs prior to or after pooping, it is known as poop zoomies.

Why does my dog freak-out before pooping?

Most dogs get the poop zoomies due to prepare for, relief from, and or possible pride from their bowel movements. The zoomies can also be helpful for toilet training as they work as an indication that your dog needs to go outside. The zoomies are very common among dogs and it is not considered a health issue. Most likely your dog is getting the poop zoomies to help them poop.  

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The process of running (freaking-out) massages the bowels and helps with peristalsis. Running around in circles or erratically helps get things moving, which makes the pooping process easier. Though In some cases, it is a sign that your dog is experiencing some stool related problems, probably constipation.

If you notice that your dog is scooting their bottom on the ground, it can mean their anal glands are impacted and you should consult with a vet as they may need to be expressed or drained.

Why are freak-outs prior to pooping known as the poop zoomies?

As mentioned above that zoomies is a term that refers to the expression of excitement and a sudden burst of energy. Many dog owners describe it as “zooming around.” Generally, dogs show these over-energized behaviors prior to or after pooping.

This term sometimes differs from animal to animal. For example for dogs, this strange behavior is commonly called the poop zoomies. On the other hand, for cats, poop crazies’ is generally used.

Is My Dog In Pain When He Has The Poop Zoomies?

Now some of you might be asking whether poop zoomies are safe or does it hurt when dogs get them.

Well, there is nothing wrong if your dog is getting zoomies and in most cases, it does not cause pain and are completely safe. Most dog owners get a little scared when they see this behavior for the first time. Zoomies are nothing but just energy bursts and it may look like that your dog is possessed or has gone mad. Fast running, spinning, and jumping back and forth are some symptoms of poop zoomies.

Our English bulldog gets the zooming before pooping, at first, we were very concerned. His behavior was so erratic and seemingly random that it looked like he may need an exorcism! We eventually realized the behavior was helping him with his bowel movements. We now watch him closely to make sure he doesn’t bang his head into anything hard and encourage him to finish his business.

Depending on the level to which your dog acts out you may need some training to tamper down the level of zoomies. If he is just crazy running, then it’s not a bad thing. However, if the zoomies are violent and start tugging and doing destructive things, this will require behavior modification.

Where does the poop zooming come from?

There is a theory that the zoomies may be rooted in provocation by anxiety, a behavioral issue, and stress.

How to deal with the poop zoomies?

Do not react to the behavior. Some people start chasing their dog and this makes the situation worse. Don’t react this way to their behavior; they will feel it’s a game and it will become harder for you to calm them down

You should take them for a walk as it is a good way to calm them down. However, if your dog is prone to zoomies, then you should make them walking more often

If your dog has spent 10 minutes or more acting frantic with the poop zoomies but hasn’t had a bowel movement, gently play with them their toys and try again in a bit.

When our dog still doesn’t go number two after playing with his toys, we calm him down and put him in the kennel and try again after a nap. This works well for us.

Do some breeds of dogs experience the poop zoomies more than others?

According to many top dog experts, all dog breeds can experience poop zoomies and it mostly depends on their lifestyle.

For example, if your dog is not getting regular walks and staying at home all the time, then he might get more poop zoomies. That’s why it is recommended to take your outside more. Though young dogs and puppies are likely to get more zoomies in comparison to older dogs.

Breed type does not play a major role in determining the frequency of poop zoomies, mostly it depends on age.

What causes the poop zoomies?

• Lack of exercise is one of the main reasons why your dog is getting more frequent poop zoomies. Make sure to let him go outside least for 30 minutes to an hour depending on age and breed type.

• The most common reason behind poop zoomies is excitement. If your dog has been inside the house for too long, then he will get more furious poop zoomies

• Any outside trigger or force can also cause poop zoomies. An example of this is a bath. If your dog gets in contact with water after a long time, then there is a chance that he will get poop zoomies

Do other species of animals experience poop zoomies?

Yes, other species of animals also experience poop zoomies and it is very natural. As it is already mentioned that zoomies are the result of stored energy and it can happen with all the animals.

The most common examples are cats. Just like young puppies, small kittens also get more poop zoomies and it is more shown on cats that live in small places. Many cat owners have reported that they have seen this behavior.

The reason behind this is that cats are predators and when they live indoors and don’t get to hunt, their body keeps storing the unused energy, which eventually gets released in the form of poop zoomies.

If your dog or cat is getting zoomies more often, then it can be an indication that they need more interactive play with you.


Poop zoomies are a natural phenomenon and do not have a relation with any kind of diseases or problems. Though it can be a little irritating if your dog gets frequent poop zoomies.

You must keep in mind that poop zoomies are just a release of their stored energy and it can be controlled by taking proper measures such as playing with your dog regularly, letting him go outside, etc. If you are adopting a dog for the first time, then you should be ready to face it.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a young or old dog, male or female they can get zoomies. And this same applies to breed.

If you feel suspicious about your dog’s activities, then you can book an appointment with a vet to know more about poop zoomies.

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