Male vs Female French Bulldog, What are the Differences?

What Are the Differences Between Male and Female French Bulldogs?

Bred to be excellent companions as well as being great babysitters, French Bulldogs are a favorite breed around the world and for good reason. They’re adorable, fun, easily adapt to any size home and are one of the more intelligent breeds. Yes, they’re prone to more health problems than other dog breeds, but their love, affection and wonderful spirit make them extremely hard to resist.

One question that many people have who are contemplating the purchase of a French Bulldog is the difference between the male and female of the breed, beyond the obvious gender differences. In this article, What Are the Differences Between Male and Female French Bulldogs, we’ll take a close-up look at all of the differences between the two so that, when it’s time to make your choice, you’ll have the information you need to make the best one for you and your family. Enjoy.

Which of the Two is Bigger, Taller, Wider and Longer?

Like most mammals, French Bulldog males are typically a bit bigger than females, especially their heads. Males tend to look more like a typical bulldog than females also, but there are exceptions. Below is a list of the physical differences between male and female French Bulldogs but keep in mind that they can vary from Frenchie to Frenchie.

  • Weight/Size- Male= 28/30 pounds 13/14 kg  Female= 25 pounds 11 kg (Note that AKC Standards dictate that a French Bulldog must not weigh more than 28 pounds.)
  • Height- Male= 13 inches, 33 cm  Female= 10 inches 25 cm
  • Length- Male= 12 inches, 30 cm  Female= 9 inches, 23 cm
  • Width (Chest)- Male= 26 inches, 66 cm  Female= 22 inches, 56 cm

One very important fact to keep in mind about all French Bulldogs is that, due to their relatively large chest in comparison to the rest of their body, they can’t swim! So make sure to keep a careful eye on them around pools, lakes, streams, etc.

What are the Personality Differences Between Male and Female French Bulldogs?

While there aren’t a massive amount of differences between male and female French Bulldogs in terms of their personalities there are a few and those few might be enough to sway you towards one or the other. That being said, the average French Bulldog has a very stable temperament, isn’t prone to aggression when older (but do tend to be nippy) and can be very affectionate. The biggest differences between males and females are below.

1- Females tend to be more aggressive, especially when they’re younger, although most grow out of this and become very gentle.

2- Males are more assertive than their typically shyer and more docile female counterparts, as well as being a lot more playful when younger and utterly uproarious.

3- Male Frenchies can take a bit longer to potty train than females.

4- Females, as they get older, are more affectionate than males, sometimes to the extreme.

5- Females can be more timid than males, especially around strangers and other dogs.

Which Gender is Better to Live Without Another Dog in the House?

French Bulldog males are known to be very dominant, a trait in most dog breeds that seems to be accentuated in this one. While this dominance issue can usually be reduced or eliminated in other breeds of dogs when they are neutered, with Frenchies that usually isn’t the case and the males keep their dominant traits (if possibly reduced a tad).

For this reason, if you want to have two French Bulldogs in your home you’d do well to have one male and one female so that these dominance issues are mostly removed.

If having only one Frenchie in your home is the plan, there’s really not a big reason to get a male over a female (or vice versa). As we talked about above, females tend to be more affectionate but, in general, French Bulldogs are affable, loving and gentle, so there’s not a big difference. Males do tend to tear things up when left alone, but that can be fixed in a variety of ways. Frenchie’s are very social however so, if you’re often away from home, having two so that they can keep each other company is a good idea.

Which Gender is Better for Children?

As we mentioned earlier, male French Bulldogs tend to be more aggressive in their dominance, even if they’ve been neutered. Females, especially when older, tend to be more affectionate. The question of which gender is better for children, however, is a bit of a moot point because it really depends on the individual dog. You can have a male Frenchie that’s incredibly loving and sweet and, at the same time, have a female that’s more aggressive and territorial.

Your best bet when deciding which of the two genders to purchase if you have children at home is to take a close look at their physical characteristics as well as their disposition as puppies. It’s not a perfect science by any means but many times you’ll see what a French Bulldog will be like as an adult based on how they behave when they are a puppy. Their pedigree and genetics are also a good indication of what they will be like, socially-speaking, so do check their papers as well.

One last thing to keep in mind about which French Bulldog gender is better around children is simply this; what you put into your Frenchie is what you will get out. If you raise your Frenchie in a loving, caring and calm home, with affection and tenderness, that’s likely what you’ll get back from them. Training is also a key factor, and if both their care and training are handled correctly and compassionately, the likelihood is that you’ll get a loving and gentle Frenchie that bonds with your family and is safe around your children.

Which Gender is Less Territorial?

From all of the research we’ve done into the French Bulldog breed, it would seem that males, in most cases, are more territorial. On the other hand, as females get older and reach breeding age they can become more territorial than their male counterparts. One fact that can’t be stressed enough is that every dog is different, with different personality traits and quirks.

Which Gender is More Expensive?

There does tend to be a difference in cost when both purchasing and, subsequently, keeping a French Bulldog, Many breeders charge more for female Frenchies simply because they can be bred and produce puppies which can then be sold. If you’re wanting a female but have no plans to breed her this can be a big challenge. One suggestion is to find an ethical breeder and explain the situation to them with the promise to have your female Frenchie spayed. This might (emphasis on might) cause them to lower their price.

Which Gender Requires More Care?

In terms of which requires more care, a male or female French Bulldog, that depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is breeding. If you plan to breed your French Bulldog female you must keep in mind that there are huge costs involved because the typical female Frenchie won’t be able to get pregnant naturally but instead will require artificial insemination. Also, due to physical challenges, they can’t whelp naturally either and will almost always require a C-section. Both of these veterinary procedures will cost a lot of money.

If you don’t plan to breed your French Bulldog that lowers the cost of ownership considerably, leaving medical issues typical of the breed as the last consideration.

Which Gender Has More Medical Issues?

Researchers at The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in the United Kingdom found that the most common health issues in French Bulldogs were ear infections, diarrhea and conjunctivitis. These health issues were common to both genders.

However, this same study found that males tended to have more health issues than females. The main author of the study, Dr. Dan O’Neill, reported that “One of the interesting finding (sic) from our research is that male French Bulldogs appear to be less healthy than females. Males were more likely to get 8 of the 26 most common health problems while there were no issues that females were more likely to get than males.”

In short, it seems that male Frenchies have more health problems than females. Keep in mind, however, that if you plan to breed your female their are other health issues (see above) to keep in mind.

Spaying and Neutering Makes a Big Difference in How Your French Bulldog Behaves

One last thing to keep in mind about French Bulldogs is that, as with other breeds, when they are spayed and/or neutered their personality will change, usually for the better. They will be less aggressive, less moody and, in most cases, easier to train. As we mentioned above the males can still have dominance problems even after being neutered so keep that in mind but, in general, spaying and neutering are a good choice and are recommended if you aren’t going to breed your Frenchie.


While there are some differences between the male and female French Bulldog they aren’t as big as other breeds. Most experts agree that nurture, not nature, will make the biggest difference in how your

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