How Much Do English Bulldogs Weigh? The Healthy Weight For Bulldogs

English bulldogs are beautiful blubbery brutes who charm us with their stubborn ways. They’re generally no taller than 17 inches, which is a little less than a foot and a half. Even though they’re short compared to other breeds, their dense body mass leads them to weigh more than many taller dogs.

Like many other dog breeds, both male and female English bulldogs vary in size and weight. The male English bulldog generally weighs between 51 – 55 pounds or 23 – 25 kilograms. The female English bulldog generally weighs between 40 – 51 pounds or 18 – 23 kilograms.

English bulldog sitting on his folded bed staring at the camera
Photo by The Bulldog Blog

Are English bulldogs predisposed to being overweight?

Yes, the English bulldog as a breed tends to gain weight more easily than other dogs. They love to eat and when they gain a few extra love rolls it can be tough for them to get rid of them. Their inability to perform vigorous sustained exercise due to their body type and brachycephalic face (short muzzle) prevents them from shedding pounds.

When bulldogs are puppies, they have higher energy, and they tend to bounce around until about two years of age. As they get older, they become lazier and less likely to exercise without your encouragement. If bulldogs were people, they would drive everywhere, never walk, and hang out at all-you-can-eat buffets.

As your bulldog ages it’s important to exercise them 20 to 40 minutes a day to maintain a healthy weight. During the summer months, take your bulldog walking early in the mornings or later in the evenings when it’s cooler outside, since bulldogs tend to overheat when it’s hot outside.

How to determine if your chubby English bulldog is overweight?

If you ask your bulldog if he or she is fat, they will likely give you a perplexed stare and inform you that they’re in fact not fat, but rather big-boned. Don’t listen to your bulldog, as it is most likely fat. A fat bulldog is an unhealthy one. Carrying extra weight can lead to health complications like heart disease and hip problems.

It sometimes is tough to tell if a bulldog is moderately overweight or not. This is because of their broad bulky body type. See below for a few telltale signs that your bulldog is within an acceptable body weight:

  1. Go ahead and run your hands along either side of his or her rib cage and make sure you can feel their ribs
  2. Make sure you can feel a waist that’s slimmer than your bulldogs hips
  3. Observe your bulldog’s breathing habits, look out for excessive snorting or panting, as this can mean they’re carrying too much weight

If your bulldog isn’t measuring up to these checks, your bulldog might be a bit fat. It’s worth taking your pup to the vet to verify if your pooch needs to lose a few pounds.

Four pro tips to help your bulldog lose weight

  • Gradually reduce their food intake by a quarter cup in the morning and evening
  • Squeeze in an extra “gentle” walking session every day. Even if it’s only for 5 to 10 minutes it will help, but be careful not to over-exercise your bulldog.
  • Weigh your bulldog weekly to make sure progress is being made in his or her weight loss
  • Cut out the treats – those calories add up and are hard to keep track of!

How to weigh your English bulldog

You can weigh your bulldog pretty easily at home. All you need is a scale, an English bulldog, and some muscles!

Take out your scale and place it in an open area. Weigh yourself and take note of how much you weigh. Call your bulldog over, reach down and pick him or her up. Step on your scale while holding your bulldog. Take note of your combined weight. Subtract your weight including your bulldog from your weight without your bulldog.

Volia! You now know how much your bulldog weighs. It’s that easy.

Okay, maybe it’s not that easy if you’re unable to lift up your bulldog. In that case, you can always take him or her to their vet, who should be able to weigh them and also tell you if they are overweight.

Male English bulldogs should weigh between 51 – 55 pounds and female English bulldogs between 40 – 51 pounds. Check their weight often, especially if they look like they’re packing on a few pounds. When in doubt, take your bulldog to the vet to make sure they are within an acceptable and healthy weight range.

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