How Long Do English Bulldogs Stay Puppies?

Cute and friendly with kids and grown-ups alike, English bulldogs are definitely one of the best dog breeds out there, in our unbiased opinions. Their chubby little bodies and lovely rolls make this dog particularly adorable, especially when they are puppies.

But, how long do English bulldogs remain as puppies? And what age do they stop growing, and finally fill out those rolls?

An English bulldog is no longer considered a puppy once it is 12 months of age, even though the complete growth of the dog may not be done until 18 months. The bones of bulldog puppies fuse between the age of nine months and one year, but the leg and elbow bones may continue to grow until 18 months.

At what age are English bulldogs no longer considered puppies?

Some puppies grow much quicker than others as pups of different breeds and sizes grow at varying rates. The smaller the breed, the sooner the dog will reach maturity and will no longer be considered a puppy. English bulldogs are not a giant breed, and that’s why they reach adulthood faster than a large dog. So, your bulldog will take a little longer, i.e. somewhere between 12-15 months to reach an adult growth. However, the puppy months may also last as long as 18 months even after your dog may seem to be fully grown.

How big do they grow on average?

Those adorable medium-sized dogs tend to grow between 40-50 pounds when they are adults. The males weigh nearly 50 pounds, while the female bulldogs reach around 40 pounds.

Female English bulldogs reach a height of about 14 inches, while male bulldogs can grow up to 16 inches.

How do their personalities change from puppyhood to maturity?

Here is q quick breakdown of your dog’s growth trahectory:

Before month one

Your little pup will not have their eyes open until the first two weeks, mainly relying on the sense of hearing to find their mates and mother.

Month one

The major physical developments begin during the third week, when they start to crack those tiny eyes open and start to become independent. This is the stage where the individual personality of each pup starts to show. You’ll get to discover your puppy’s behavior, their likes, and dislikes.

The bones and muscles of their legs start developing during the fourth week and they will begin to walk more steadily. They will weigh nearly five pounds at this time.

Month two

The second month is the time when the puppy slowly starts to chew, run, and even bite at times. Their bodies undergo physical progress and you get loads of teaching opportunities during this stage, where you can help your pet develop into a lovely, well-behaving dog. The shape of their nose and flattened-looking heads starts to look more defined.

While the puppies experience growth on a physical level during this stage, the weight of different pups will also show variations, depending on how many weeks have passed.

At this stage, your pet is old and confident enough to start having expectations from you. They need love and care to experience healthy development. Being fed and held will no longer be special occasions for them, instead, they are going to rightfully demanding this more frequently in their fifth week.

They will be playful and that’s what also allows this period to be a good time to teach them tricks. This is also a time where you can gradually start to separate the puppies from their mom in terms of feeding. You can begin providing them puppy food lightly mixed with water. English bulldogs find this mushy meal quite tasty and delightful.

The major weight gain for your puppy will begin during the sixth week when they are off their mother’s milk. If taken good care of, a robust and healthy bulldog puppy will weigh around five pounds at this stage.

Month three

During the third month your growing puppy should get vaccinated. The third month is the stage when the immunization of their mother’s milk will begin to decrease and the puppy will need to be vaccinated to protect it from potential harmful diseases.

Month four to adulthood

When your puppy reaches four months of age, it will undergo a growth spurt that will surprisingly make them reach about 30 pounds of weight. This weight gain will slow down again, and will continue to increase at a steady pace, until your bulldog reaches the age of 12 months.

Of course, English bulldogs are a stocky and comparatively shorter breed. So even your grown-up dog will have short yet broad legs, sporting a very wide and adorable face.

Just like the weight, the height of your puppy will vary by age. Although it varies for every dog, the average figure lies somewhere between 14-16 inches, as mentioned earlier.

The fact that they are very short makes them look quite bulky, and you’ll rarely find an English bulldog that looks tall. Plus, the short stature of this breed makes them look a lot lighter than what they actually weigh.

One simply cannot pick up an English bulldog the way they can hold or carry some other dog that looks similar in height. And they can be quite heavy lapdogs, but don’t let that stop you from treating them as such, even if it means going to the gym to get stronger!

Once you know how your English bulldog pup grows from little one to an adult, you also know how to care better for them. Make sure you take them to a vet at regular intervals to get their development checked and ensure that they are developing healthy and sound bodies.

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