How Do Dogs Pick Their Favorite Person and How to be the Favorite?

How do dogs pick their favorite person?

Dogs determine their favorite person by identifying the individual with who they associate the most positive feelings. Dog’s Positive feelings for humans are generally creating through certain activities feeding, walking, playing, and training.

It is quite natural for you to think that the favorite person of any dog would be the person that provides him or her with the most food and attention. This might be true most of the time but not always, it’s not as simple as being the person that feeds the dog and suddenly, you’re the favorite.

In some cases, it’s someone else in the household or even outside of it who gets all the dog’s attention, even though they don’t do most of the feeding or treating. Why is that?

Who they socialize with early in life matters

In some households, one of the dog parents may have stayed home more often during the first 6 months of the dog’s development. The bonds established over this period can last a lifetime.

The period between birth and six months is a crucial socialization phase for your dog. During this time, their brains are extremely receptive and social experiences they have influence the remaining part of their lives.

It is essential for the doggies to have a wide range of positive communications with lots of individuals, things, and places. But if you happened to be the individual around most during this important time period you have a good chance of becoming the dog’s favorite.

What happens if you adopt a dog later in its life?

If you adopt a dog at a mature stage, it’s not too late in its life for it to develop a new favorite bond. But there could be some overarching influences from its earlier life that could impact the dog’s decision. For example, if the dog was raised well by a female owner during the initial six months of their life, they might be more comfortable in the company of females. This could make it more difficult for a male household member to win the coveted favorite person spot.

Affection and attention help with bonding

Although you might be the primary person who is looking after the dog, your partner could get the favorite person award. Although the affection that you give to your pooch might make a significant difference, the quality of affection can play a more important role. For example, a half an hour stroll is not the same as 30 minutes interactive 1 on 1 play session with your dog. The individual who makes a stronger connection with your dog will most likely be the favorite, even if they spend less cumulative time with them.

Positive associations are crucial

Have you ever wondered why we provide so many treats to our dogs when training them? It’s because it helps them develop positive associations with commands and actions. For example, once they obey a command, they are provided with a mouth-watering treat. Anytime they are enjoying something, they are forming a positive relationship with that action and person providing them with that enjoyment.

Imagine if someone in your office gave you a warm smile and a piece of chocolate everything you showed up to the office on time. More likely than not, you’d show up on-time more often and that individual has a good chance at becoming your office favorite. Don’t try and feed your dog chocolate it’s very poisonous for them.

Why do dogs have a favorite person?

As already mentioned earlier, if you are providing the maximum time, attention, care, and joy to your canine, you stand a good shot at being the favorite, but why? It has to do with the pack mentality and survival. In the wild dogs form strong bonds with others in the pack who look out for them and have their back. In this case, you are part of your dog’s pack and you’re fulfilling that role.

Five signs that you’re your dog’s favorite person

Although human beings often think of hug as an affectionate thing, not all pooches think that way. Some dogs become rather uncomfortable when we wrap our arms around their neck. However, it does not imply that your pet does not absolutely adore you. While several pooches show their affection for us in an obvious manner, others might be more subtle. Below, are five signs that indicate you’re the favorite person of your doggie.

He makes eye contact with you

We usually make eye contact with people in this world to establish a connection with him or her. However, this is not true in the world of dogs. While some dogs stare at each other it might show signs of aggression or rudeness. And yet, it is quite natural for canines to make eye contact with their favorite person. It is usually affectionate and is not aggressive by any means if they aren’t growling or showing their teeth. When you look into the eyes of your dog and he does the same in a calm and relaxed manner, it usually implies that he is quite comfortable and happy with you.

He reacts to your voice positively

While coming back to your home from the office after working tirelessly the whole day, it is really heartening to see your dog running towards you. It will be even better if he stops doing his favorite things and instead, pay attention to you putting everything aside everything else they were doing.

Leaning against you affectionately

If your dog leans against you since and wants something to cuddle or is seeking to get some additional security or comfort it could mean you’re it’s favorite. If there is someone else in the room but the dog goes to you and leans against you it’s a sign, that they feel more secure with you.

Provide you with a doggy smile

If your dog listens to your voice and welcomes you with a relaxed expression and open mouth, it implies that he is elated by seeing you. Research shows when a dog gets the scent of an individual, they love, it causes a response in their brain similar to humans when they see somebody taking care of them. Your furry friend simply loves your voice and your scent, and he shows this thing by running to you leaving aside everything else and offering you a warm doggy smile.

Tail wagging

A wagging tail can be an obvious indication of affection, this behavior can be more complicated than what you might think. While a dog is wagging his tail, it might symbolize different things, and sometimes they might not be even friendly. Fortunately, once your pet provides a full-body wag and the tail is held at mid-height, plus there are other positive body language signs, it is very clear that the dog is excited to see you. If the tail of the animal wags more to the right side of his back, it will be a better indication that he really adores you.

Can a dog’s favorite person change over time?

Not likely, unless something drastic changes like their favorite person starts to behave in a manner that makes them feel secure.

Most dogs like to bond with the person who offers them maximum attention. For example, in a family where there are 2 parents and 2 children, the animal will favor the parent who fills his bowl every day and who takes him out for a stroll every evening. However, for other dogs, it is the quality that matters and not the amount of affection and attention.

A positive relationship is vital. A dog will probably like the person who usually plays tug of war with him or provides him with lots of his favorite treats. Positive associations result in the positive bond between the human and the dog in the long run.

Dogs usually select a favorite person who will be able to match their personal level of energy and persona.

Five tips for becoming your dog’s favorite person:

If you believe that you are not the favorite person of your doggy, there is no reason to be disappointed. It is possible to strengthen the relationship with your pet by doing certain things that we have mentioned in the following paragraphs.

1. Positive training and associations

If your dog responds to your commands, it will strengthen your bond with him. For instance, you can teach him to sit, come, and stay. If you properly behave with the dog, you can expect the same from him too. Make sure to praise him or provide him with treats once he does obey your command. For instance, tell him “well done” once it sits down when you tell him to do so.

2. Do not penalize him once he misbehaves

While training your doggy positively, you must never punish him for misbehaving or not obeying your command. If he behaves properly always reward him. Never shout at your furry friend or scold him. This will make him scared and could ruin your relationship.

Be patient with your dog since a dog is not a human; they are different. Some of them might take more time to get trained than others.

3. Socialize your pooch

While you are training your dog, it might be that you tend to neglect his relationship with other people out there. A dog is happier when he interacts with other people or other dogs. Socialize the pet with others frequently, although you must never force him to do that if they don’t want to.

4. Groom and feed him

Pooches adore people who provide food to them. Feeding your pet and taking care of him will help to strengthen your relationship. You might also feed your dog using your own hand from time to time. Also, it will be advisable to groom him on a regular basis while checking his coating as well.

5. Play games

Nothing is better than playing some interesting games with your pet at least for 30 minutes a day. This will aid both of you to work as a team.


It will be possible to strengthen your bond with your pet by socializing him, taking proper care of him and offering him some positive experiences. Remember that it is not only the amount of care you give to your dog, but the quality of the affection also matters. As a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to look after his health and well-being and if you do so, you can always expect to form a strong bond with him in the long run!


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