Do French Bulldogs Snore? Tips for Reducing Snoring

Sleepless nights, bloodshot red eyes, and feeling sleepy all day are some of the side effects of being a French bulldog owner, if your dog has a high decibel snoring habit. All breeds of bulldog’s snore, and they snore a lot more than many other breeds. They are obviously a bundle of cuteness and adorable innocence, but their loud snoring habits can annoy even the kindest of dog owners, especially when they make it almost impossible for you to get some quality sleep.

French bulldogs snore and are considered to be the 4th loudest snoring breed. It is normal to hear your Frenchie snoring away, so it is nothing to be alarmed about. The main reason French bulldogs snore is because of their short snouts.

Why do French Bulldogs Snore?

The reasons for their loud and consistent snoring can range from allergies, sleep position or even the common cold or flu. But the biggest reason why your French bulldog snores is due to genetics. They have faces that are pushed in and have short snouts. This means they tend to have respiratory issues throughout their life.

Most Bulldogs are usually brachycephalic, i.e. they have very narrow air passageways that are either blocked or highly irregular. These blockages inhibit the smooth flow of air through the into the lungs. This is the reason why you can hear those funny grunting noises coming and snoring from your French bulldog when they sleep.

Apart from the respiratory reasons for snoring some other reasons why your bulldog snores are as follows:


Dogs, in general, are prone to a lot of allergies and your French bulldog is no exception to that. These allergic reactions can cause inflammation of your dog’s sinuses and swelling of the trachea otherwise known as the windpipe. This means the already narrow airways get more narrowed and lead to louder and more excessive snoring. Common types of allergies that you must be aware of are bug bites, food-related allergies, dust or pollen, etc.

If you sense any of the above issues or anything that your bulldog is very sensitive to, you might want to seek help from a vet immediately.


Your French bulldog already has narrow airways that have some potential blocks and that risk of blockage of the airways increases if they are obese. They may look adorable when they have that double chin and extra chub, but that has some serious effects when it comes to their respiration. If your French bulldog is obese, it may lead to a build-up of excess fat in its throat which will limit the flow of air and your French bulldog will breathe heavily and when asleep snore even more.

Common Cold

If your French bulldog falls sick and catches a cold, they will obviously be breathing heavier than usual due to all the clogging of the air passages. Make sure you keep your French Bulldog in good health and keep them warm and cozy during colder weather to try and prevent catching colds.

Sleeping Position

Your French bulldog may also snore heavily in certain sleeping positions. That’s because certain sleeping positions can congest and constrict their airways more than others. To figure out the positions where they snore less, try repositioning them every night until you find the position that works best.

Who Snores More, French Bulldogs or Other Breeds?

Only a few other dog breeds are known to snore louder than the French bulldog. The French Bulldog ranks 4th in the loudest snoring dog breeds. They were beaten in order by Pugs, English bulldogs, and Shih Tzus. Sorry French bulldog owners being ranked 4th means they snore quite loudly.

Is Snoring Bad for a French Bulldog’s Health?

Snoring in dogs is a common occurrence and is relatively harmless. If your French bulldog occasionally stops breathing during the night when snoring that is known as sleep apnea and is cause for concern. If for any reason you’re worried about your French bulldogs snoring habits to consult your vet.

Tips for Reducing Snoring in French Bulldogs

Though there is no way to eliminate snoring completely, there are some ways to reduce your French bulldogs snoring.

  • Exercise them regularly to keep your French bulldog fit
  • Check for allergies
  • Try to figure out your French bulldog’s best sleeping position
  • Keep them away from the smoke of cigarettes or other sources
  • Provide proper care and living conditions to your dog
  • Seek a vet’s suggestion whenever you have concerns

These steps if followed dedicatedly can help in reducing your dog’s snoring to a great extent.


Though French Bulldogs are one of the most lovable and adorable dogs out there, they may get annoying at times due to their snoring habits. Try to understand their traits to better cater to their needs, take good care of them and they may get a little quieter when they sleep.

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