Do English Bulldogs Shed?

There is a misconception that dogs with short hair don’t shed. But the reality is that most dogs, short haired or long, shed some amount. English bulldogs are a short-haired breed, so is shedding a problem?

English bulldogs, like many other breeds, shed. However, since they have short, thin hair, the shedding is not severe and you’ll find less hair around your house as compared to other breeds. To avoid dealing with excessive hair piling up, brush your bulldog daily and vacuum your floors regularly.

The coat of English bulldogs consists of thin and smooth hair, which is why their hair loss is not easily visible. You can view it against dark clothing, and it can increase a bit during the change of the season, but in general, it is not usually a problem.

However, if you find that your English bulldog is shedding excessively, it could be a symptom of an underlying health issue and you should take your dog to the vet to check him/her out.

How much shedding is excessive?

In general, although you’ll notice minimal shedding from time to time, you might see an increase in shedding during the change of seasons. This usually lasts for up to two months or so as the season is transitioning, so you shouldn’t worry too much. You might notice increased shedding in the spring and winter months. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your bulldog’s shedding.

  1. Due to the genetic variation in English bulldogs, some shed more than others.
  2. Shedding is more prevalent in puppies than adult dogs.

If your English bulldog has been experiencing substantial shedding for more than two months then there might be something more serious that you might want to check out with your vet.

Possible causes of shedding in English bulldogs

Changes in season

The change in temperature and weather conditions can cause shedding in your English bulldog. This usually lasts a few weeks or maybe a month or two and is quite normal.


An English bulldog requires a properly balanced diet to maintain its coat of hair. Any dietary deficiency takes a toll on the quality of their hair and can result in excessive shedding. If your English bulldog sheds more frequently than expected, you might want to look at its diet and make sure he or she is getting nutrients.

Allergic reactions

English bulldogs are prone to allergic reactions. The causes of an allergic reaction can be plenty like:


Canned food or food consisting of a significant quantity of preservatives can easily lead to an allergic reaction. Since bulldogs are prone to food allergies, it’s best to consult your vet when deciding on your dog’s diet.


If your dog is suffering from an illness or is on medication for another reason, those medicines might be leading to hair loss. If this is the case, consult your vet, and they might be able to prescribe an alternative medication.

Exposure to chemicals

Contact with chemicals, such as ones present in home cleaners or dyes in dog beds, might harm your pooch’s skin and fur, and could lead to excessive shedding. It is best to use eco-friendly products that are low in chemicals: this will not only reduce your dog’s shedding, but will also be better for his or her health in the long run too.

Dog soap or shampoo

Many times, the allergic reactions are caused by the ingredients in your dog’s soap or shampoo. Since these products come in direct contact to your dog’s skin, they can cause irritation to your dog’s skin and lead to shedding. When buying new products or testing out products, it’s best to test them out on small are of your dog’s body to see if there are any adverse reactions, so that you can limit the amount of irritation your dog might experience.

You can learn more about common allergies for English bulldogs and how to treat them in this post.

Diseases or infections

Diseases and ailments can be detrimental to the coat of your English bulldog. Often, bulldogs suffer from different conditions like:

• Dermatitis

• Ringworm

• Diabetes

• Cardiac problems

• Parasites:

The presence of any parasites like fleas, lice, or mites on the skin of your dog can directly impact their hair follicles, and can lead to hair loss and excessive shedding. It’s good to groom your dog regularly and check for parasites, and if you spot any, get your dog on a treatment immediately to get rid of them.

Other health problems that can lead to shedding

Stress can also be a cause for shedding in your bulldog, so make sure that you are aware of your dog’s mental health. Has anything changed in your home or your dog’s environment that would cause stress? Maybe you have a new dog walker or a child that has recently left for college? Or maybe it’s something smaller, like changes in your dog’s schedules? These are all possible reasons that could cause stress in your bulldog and lead to shedding.

How to reduce shedding in English bulldogs

There are a few steps which you can take to reduce fur loss in English bulldogs.

Balanced diet

Your dog’s diet is a good place to start when trying to reduce excessive shedding. Is your pooch receiving all the nutrients he needs? Is there anything you can add to his diet to improve his hair health? Ensuring that his diet is rich in protein, and low in artificial ingredients such as sweeteners and food coloring can be helpful. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids can be especially beneficial to your dog’s coat. Foods rich in omega-3 include

  • Fish
  • Flaxseed
  • Spinach
  • Kale

As the name suggest though, these food that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, can include a lot of fat, so it’s best to moderate the proportions when feeding them to your dog.

If your English bulldog is allergic to certain ingredients, it is better to make sure that those are filtered out from his diet. A balanced diet will not only keep your dog healthy, reduce his chance of allergic reactions, but it will also help to keep his hair smooth and reduce shedding.

Proper grooming

Grooming your dog on a daily basis can prevent excessive shedding, and the good news is that most english bulldogs generally enjoy being groomed. Here are some tips to keep in mind when grooming your bully:

• Use a fine brush.

• Brush your dog in a single direction.

• Be gentle

•Remove any loose hair

Regular baths

Regular baths can also help to reduce your dog’s shedding. Washing your dog regularly helps to remove contaminants and pollutants from your dog skin. This in turn causes less irritation to your dog’s skin and helps to maintain your dog’s coat.

Consult the vet

If you’ve tried all the steps above and your dog is still experiencing excessive shedding, you might consider takin him to the vet.


So, yes, English bulldogs do shed, but luckily not as much as other dogs. If you’re dog sheds excessively, you can use our guide above to reduce the quantity of shedding and keep your dog’s coat silky, smooth and shiny.


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