Do American Bulldogs Snore? Tips for Reducing Snoring

The American bulldog is a faithful companion with an assertive nature. It loves family, is exceedingly loyal, and responsive to commands. But, do American bulldogs snore?

American bulldogs have small, short noses, which causes snoring. Some American bulldogs have short, constricted airways which makes breathing difficult and causes loud snoring. Although you can’t get rid of the snoring, you can reduce it by maintaining a healthy weight and a clean sleeping area.

Why do American bulldogs snore?

American bulldogs have a small nose, which is the main reason they snore. Some have shorter constricted airways which can make breathing difficult. If they pack on some extra pounds, the rings on the trachea can collapse when they are asleep. They also have a long tongue which affects the way they breathe. These are some of their physical traits which result in snoring.

Unlike some other dog breeds, bulldogs, in general, are prone to allergies which can inflame and swell their airways and make it hard to breathe. This in turn can lead to snoring when they sleep.7r 

Snoring can also be a result of a fungal disease or aspergillosis. It’s often triggered by mold which can be picked up from dust and grass clippings. The fungus may also cause symptoms like nasal discharge, swelling, and sneezing. The mucus membranes get irritated or inflamed due to an infection. When the problem is not addressed in time, the dog may experience labored breathing.

Some sleeping positions may also trigger snoring. Dogs that sleep on their stomachs snore less than those that sleep on their backs.

Finally, secondhand smoke could make breathing even more difficult and, in some cases, lead to bronchitis or asthma which could cause snoring.

Do American bulldogs snore more than other breeds?

American bulldogs snore loudly and quite often, and apart from the Pug, bulldog breeds snore more than most other breeds.

Is snoring bad for an American bulldog’s health?

Just like humans, the act of snoring is not bad for your American bulldog’s health, but it could be a sign that your dog might have health issues.

If your American bulldog snores but is happy and playful, you might not have anything to worry about. However, if he/she snores loudly every time they sleep, you might want to check it out to see if it is something more serious. In some cases, the snoring could be caused by debris that may be lodged in the dog’s throat, obstructing the airways. Or, something may be caught in their nose.

Snoring could also be caused by a nasal infection, so be on the lookout for a green and/or bloody discharge. And in some more serious cases, the snoring could be caused by a tumor or cyst. IT’s best to take your dig to the vet if you suspect any of these issues, or if you’re unsure as to the cause of your dog’s snoring.

Snoring can lead to sleep apnea which is associated with high blood pressure. While this condition is rare in American bulldogs, it should not be ignored. Dogs with this condition may stop breathing for a moment during sleep. And when they start breathing again, they may produce loud snoring.

Tips for reducing snoring in American bulldogs

If the snoring is consistent, it might be time you talk to your vet. The good news is that there might be some ways to help reduce your dog’s snoring.

First, you should make sure your dog’s sleeping area is well-ventilated. Since bulldogs are affected by hot weather, they should sleep in an air-conditioned room. This will help ease breathing. Another helpful tip is changing the level of humidity in your apart,ent or house. You may want to keep the windows open to ensure there is constant airflow in the house. Placing a humidifier in the dog’s sleeping area may also help with his/her breathing and the additional moisture will help to keep the snoring at bay.

Ensure the sleeping area is dust and pollen-free. The beddings should be changed regularly as they can trigger allergies which can cause snoring. And if you use a vacuum, you should change the filter regularly.

Keep your dog at a healthy weight. Just like in humans, dogs can have problems breathing when they are overweight, so if your dog is overweight, make sure you keep him/her active to shed the excess weight. Adequate exercise helps to tone the muscles and can help to ease snoring. Be sure to exercise in moderation, though, to prevent your dog from overheating.

Re-position your dog if he starts snoring. If your American Bulldog wakes you up at night with their snoring, you may want to rotate the dog to a comfortable position which might help reduce the snoring. Giving your dog a pillow to elevate his/her head can also work magic. Finally, you should ensure there’s no second-hand smoke in your house. If you have no reason to quit smoking, do it for your dog.

What happens when the snoring problem gets out of hand? You should consult an experienced veterinarian. In worst case scenarios, your dog may have to undergo surgery to remove any obstructions in his airway, so catching this problem early on is crucial to avoid this drastic step.


When your American bulldog has snoring problems, it can keep you up all night. To combat the problem, you should follow the above tips. In particular, you should maintain a clean, dust- and smoke-free household; wash your dog’s bedding regularly; and change your dog’s sleeping position for better airflow. The next time your dog starts to snore, give them a pillow and turn on a humidifier. If the problem persists, you might want to consult your vet. And if the snoring is not a cause of concern, but something that does continue, you could also consider sleeping in a different room!

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