Can English Bulldogs Eat Strawberries?

One of the most amazing things about the arrival of summer is strawberry season. Having these delicious, juicy red berries feels like a dose of refreshment in the summer heat.

When we eat strawberries sometimes it makes us think about sharing them with our bulldog. Are you thinking about sharing strawberries with your English bulldog but wondering whether they can eat them or not?

English bulldogs can eat fresh strawberries in moderation without negative side effects, as long as they aren’t allergic to them. Strawberries are high in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants which are healthy for bulldogs. Do not let your bulldog eat canned strawberries as they are high in sugar.

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Are strawberries healthy and safe to eat for Bulldogs?

English bulldogs are omnivorous creatures, which is one of the reasons why they can eat strawberries. Not only do they like the fruit, but they also get several health benefits at the same time. Strawberries are low in fat and loaded with healthy nutrients that benefit the overall wellness of your dog in numerous ways.

However, there are always some exceptions and sharing the fruit with your dog calls for asking your veterinarian first. The berries are a dog-friendly treat, but some of them may find it hard to handle if they suffer from some medical conditions.

How many strawberries can English bulldogs eat safely in one sitting?

Just like most dog treats, even these juicy berries are best served to your pooch in moderation. They are rich in natural sugar which is good only when consumed in small amounts. Too much of anything, even healthy food, can turn out to be troublesome for your dog.

Going for small quantities, especially when you introduce the fruit as a new element in your dog’s diet, is essential to prevent digestive problems or allergies. Apart from an upset stomach, too many berries can also lead to gastronomical problems.

Of course, you can gradually increase the number of berries you give to your English bulldog. Make sure you consult a nutritionist or veterinarian about the right serving sizes for your specific English bulldog before actually starting with the treat.

Are strawberries nutritious and beneficial for bulldogs?

Not just a deliciously sweet treat, strawberries are also very nutritious. They are rich in vitamin C and healthy antioxidants that strengthen your dog’s immune system and whiten their teeth.

Another wonderful action of the antioxidants on your dog is that they slow down their aging process. Plus, replacing salty, fatty snacks with a low-calorie fruit also helps with your dog’s weight management over time.

The fiber present in the berries helps in better digestion, while Omega-3 also enhances the dog’s skin and coat. Some other major nutrients present in strawberries which could work wonders for the overall health of your dog are vitamins B1, B6, and K; iodine; potassium; folic acid; and magnesium.

When are strawberries bad for English bulldogs?

Strawberries that are not fresh, be it in syrup or canned, are not good for your dog. The various sweeteners and additives present in canned servings are harmful to your pet’s health. Natural fresh strawberries always win over the ones that are packed in syrup or dusted with sugar. In fact, such sugars can even cause diabetes and other serious health problems down the line.

Strawberry ice cream, jams, yogurts and other sweets that contain artificial fruit flavors are not good for your dog. Most of them are only a replica of the natural taste of the fruits, while containing none of the healthy nutrients. Apart from excess sugar, such sweets usually have chemicals, sweeteners, preservatives, chocolate, or even xylitol, which can be very toxic for your pet. In the worst cases, such foods might lead to you having to take your dog to the animal ER.

While the seeds present in strawberry are harmless to English bulldogs, the stems can cause stomach problems. There’s also a chance that your bulldog may have some kind of allergic reaction to the fruit. This can be the underlying cause of anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) which can lead to a life-threatening situation. If by any chance you see some warning signs in your bulldog, including swelling, sneezing, coughing, breathing difficulties, hives, or itching – stop feeding them strawberries immediately and reach out to a veterinarian.

How to serve your English bulldog strawberries?

Now we know that your English bulldog can have these yummy berries, it’s time to take a look at how they should be served. The foremost thing to remember is to feed your bulldog fresh and organic fruits that haven’t been treated with pesticides or herbicides. They must also be rinsed properly to remove unwanted germs or dirt.

If your bulldog loves whole strawberries, you can simply give them 2-3 whole pieces one at a time once you get rid of the stems. They are small and soft to chew, thereby having minimal chances of choking your bulldog. However, for young puppies, it’s advised to mash them or cut them up before serving to help with digestion and prevent possible choking.

Freeze them to make a nice summer snack that’s crunchy and cool. You can simply add them in your bulldog’s food by sprinkling on the top of the meal for a nice surprise.

Blending or mixing them with a few other healthy fruits to make a smoothie or a salad is another great idea. Oh yes, you can also use them as appreciation rewards during the training process of your four-legged friend.

Dogs also enjoy having fresh pureed berry mixture frozen in ice cube trays as it’s a simple yet awesome summer treat. It relieves them from the harsh effects of the heat outside.

Next time when you are cherishing these yummy treats loaded with flavor, don’t hesitate to share them with your adorable dog for a tasty and healthy diet! However, make sure you first consult your veterinarian about the same before sharing human foods with your pet to identify any special conditions or allergies. After all, that adorable little bulldog is precious!

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