At What Age do American Bulldogs Calm Down?

American bulldogs are great companions — if you have the right personality to handle them properly. Due to their protective and proactive nature, people who are looking to adopt an American bulldog should take into consideration their high-intensity behavior.

This type of breed has high maintenance needs, both physically and mentally. And if said needs aren’t met, the American bulldog can seem like a problematic and destructive breed — even though this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most dog owners expect their dogs to “mellow out” past a certain age, but can a dog breed as protective and full of energy like the American bulldog calm down?

At what age do American bulldogs calm down?

As we all know, pups are filled with energy, hoping to play and run around all day, nonstop. Most dogs start to calm down when they start reaching adulthood, past the age of 3 years old. American bulldogs are not like most of the members of their canine family.

It takes a full four to five years for American bulldogs to start calming down and reaching that age mark is no guarantee either. Several owners report their American bulldogs start to calm down when they reach their senior years, even as old as ten years old.

American bulldogs are an active dog breed by nature and calming down entirely might not happen for a long time. They won’t completely calm down when they reach a certain age, but they will begin to calm down – little by little – once they are around four years old.

If you are worried about any destructive traits your American bulldog might be showing, your dog might not be fulfilling its physical or mental needs. American bulldogs need plenty of exercise and engaging activities every day. They are better suited for houses with big backyards and not apartments, where they might feel boxed in -which might be causing hyperactivity in your dog-.

Are the female or male bulldog’s calmer than their counterpart?

Every American bulldog is different. Choosing between a male or female American bulldog won’t guarantee you’ll get a calmer dog in any shape or form. Both sexes are protective and rather active. But there are little differences in the personalities of each one. Male American bulldogs are bigger and more aggressive than their female counterparts, but at the same time, they are also more emotionally stable and less prone to emotional swings — like female American bulldogs are. Female American bulldogs are also less prone to physicality, even though they are still guardian dogs and protective dogs regardless.

If you are deciding between a male or female American bulldog, you should know you’ll still get an active dog filled with energy either way. It’s best you take into account if you have other dogs at home and their sex to pick the right choice for you (same-sex dogs may become confrontational, a male and a female couple might lead to unwanted puppies), instead of personality traits that may or may not apply to your dog according to their sex.

Can you train the hyperactivity out of your American bulldog?

You cannot train the hyperactivity out of your dog. Hyperactivity in any dog breed is a symptom and not a personality trait, most of the time. If your American bulldog shows signs of hyperactivity, this is probably due to a lack of physical exercise. The dog doesn’t need more training, but more walks and playtime.

Hyperactive dog or not, you should start training your American bulldog the second he gets in your house. American bulldogs grow up to be strong, fierce and protective dogs who need to understand limits, how to deal gently with smaller creatures (other dogs or children) and how to behave around other dogs.

During training, American bulldogs can be stubborn and clumsy at first. But their personality pushes them to comply and make their owners happy. Like any dog, they respond better to positive reinforcement (like treats after a good job). Negative reinforcement should always be avoided.

Are American bulldog’s calmer than other breeds?

Yes, they are. They are not the calmest dog breed, but the good news is they aren’t the most active either! They are somewhere in the middle. They are in between pugs and the English bulldog, who are calm throughout their life and other dog breeds who have more energy than they can handle, like the dalmatian and the border collie.

Even though they are in the middle, they still have plenty of energy to go around!

What can I do to calm down my American bulldog?

There are plenty of options to deal with your American bulldog’s energy levels. Bear in mind this isn’t a one-time thing you have to do to transform your dog into a forever calm animal, but rather different activities you have to do with your American bulldog to deal with its natural energy levels healthily.

Exercise: This is the best way to calm your American bulldog down. Wear him out! It’s a must you take him out for long walks or out jogging to deal with his energy levels. Otherwise, your dog might face health issues and act out against you or other people.

Provide a calm environment: If your dog is overstimulated, it will fall into a frenzy that’ll be hard to snap out of. Try to remove any unnecessary stimulus there is laying around in your home. You are also part of your dog’s environment, and your energy levels and personality will be mirrored by your dog. You shouldn’t encourage his hyperactivity (like giving him treats to see if it’ll calm down) if you don’t want your dog to be that way.

Aromatherapy: If everything else fails, you can try to make use of your dog’s number one sense organ: its nose. It’s believed vanilla or lavender will calm your dog down, especially if they can associate it with a calm environment. If you are going to try this method, you should check with your vet for allergies and the best scents to calm your dog down.


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