American Bulldogs and Bad Breath. Tips to Freshen Bad Breath

One of the most loved and famous dog breeds in the U.S. is the American bulldog, which is a more athletic variation of the traditional bulldog. They’re stronger and muscular in comparison to their English cousins, who are known for their lazy personalities.

All bulldog variations, like all dogs, do have one common problem: stinky dog breath!

Most American bulldogs don’t develop bad breath beyond the normal characteristics of “dog breath.” If you start to smell something bad emanating from your dog’s mouth, then you should check it out to make sure it’s not something to be concerned about.

Some of the causes of bad breath in American bulldogs are:

  • Your dog has consumed something that smelled bad, and it left a bad odor in the mouth due to bacteria
  • Poor dental hygiene leading to halitosis and or gingivitis
  • Health issues like kidney disease or problems with their digestive system

If you suspect the cause might be health-related contact your veterinarian immediately/

Why American Bulldogs Develops Bad Breath

The most common reason for this problem is poor dental hygiene, all dogs require good teeth cleaning otherwise they’ll develop plaque and eventually bad breath. Make sure to clean your dog’s teeth regularly and this won’t become an issue.

However, if your dog’s odor is like ammonia, blood, metal, rotten meat or dead animal, then it’s time to make a visit to the vet because that’s clearly not all right. Some of these smells are associated with kidney decease which will be lethal without medical treatment.

If your dog has breath smelling like fish or cabbage then you don’t have to worry, this odor is the normal “dog breath” which is caused by dogs cleaning themselves throughout the day.

When Should You be Concerned by your American Bulldog’s Bad Breath?

If your American bulldogs start to develop bad breath, then you should be concerned if it’s last longer than one day or if it smells like blood or metal. If it smells like blood or metal, it could be related to a kidney issue. In either case, the best thing to do is call up your vet and see if you should make an appointment based on the symptoms.

5 Tips to Reduce your American Bulldog’s Bad Breath

1- Visit the vet

This is the most obvious action you take is taking your dog in for regular visits to the vet. You should bring your dog in for regular checkups at least once a year.

2- Chew on Something Healthy

There are plenty of chew toys and treats available online to help clean your dog’s teeth. Make sure to always have some around to encourage daily dental hygiene.

3- Get Dog Safe Toothpaste

Pick up some special dog toothpaste, this product used in conjunction with a dog toothbrush will limit and prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar around the gum line.

4- Get a Dog Toothbrush

To clean your dog’s mouth, you’ll need 3 things, first the dog toothbrush, then the toothpaste and finally recurring dedication to the procedure. It’s easy assuming your dog cooperates, these toothbrushes are different from the regular ones because they’re made with soft materials that don’t irritate your dog’s gumline.

5- Balanced Diet

This is required to avoid the bad breath if you’re careful and you select the best things for your dog to eat, it can limit the occurrence of bad breath.

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