Can English Bulldogs Eat Oranges?

Oranges are delicious, sweet, tangy and are good for human health. I was wondering if the same was true for bulldogs. It made me think, can English Bulldogs eat oranges?

English bulldogs can eat fresh oranges in moderation as long as they are not allergic to them. Oranges contain vitamins B and C and are high in fiber, all of which are healthy for bulldogs. Do not let your bulldog eat the orange peel, as it can get stuck in their throat which could lead to choking.

For us humans, oranges can be a super sweet delicious tangy fruit that is highly nutritious at the same time. But as a bulldog parent, it can be challenging to eat the whole orange by yourself when your little friend is sitting right next to you! Before you offer them a slice, make sure you learn all that you need to know about oranges and their potential effects to English Bulldogs.

Vitamin C doesn’t accumulate in your dog’s body due to being water-soluble, thereby getting expelled from the system through urination. But, if your pet is already on a well-balanced and complete diet, they don’t necessarily need the vitamin supplement from oranges. So if your little bulldog enjoys the flavor of the treat, feel free to share a slice or two.

But, at the same time, feeding them oranges comes with a few special considerations. You must be aware of a few major factors before actually feeding your bulldogs this fruit.

How many orange slices can bulldogs eat safely in one sitting?

The orange pulp is not toxic to dogs, but their digestive systems are not capable of digesting large amounts of oranges due to the high presence of sugar and acids.

So, your English bulldog can safely eat only limited amounts of the fruit. When it comes to how much they should eat, it’s recommended to go for a quarter or a third of a moderate-sized orange for a young bulldog, and maybe a few additional slices for an adult bulldog.

Your dog’s diet does not need to be supplemented with vitamin C because they produce their own. However, small doses of oranges can prove to be quite beneficial.

Are the orange seeds or peels toxic to English bulldogs?

Yes! It’s extremely important to make sure your dog never eats the peels, the pith, i.e. the white layer present on the orange slices, as well as the seeds. Before you feed the slices to your pet, remove all traces of the three mentioned elements as these may have toxic compounds.

Make sure to feed you bulldog seedless slices, and you can go for navel orange, which is a variety of the fruit that doesn’t have any seeds. When this variety is out of season, be cautious and remove the toxic parts before you actually toss a slice in your pet’s bowl.

Although the rind is very rich in vitamin C and some other minerals and vitamins in a concentrated form, it can be hazardous for your bulldog. If digested, it may lead to digestive tract blockage or gastrointestinal problems. The rind can also cause choking, so it’s best to just stay away.

Are oranges nutritious for bulldogs?

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, fiber, iron, and potassium. The biggest health benefit of Vitamin C is that it will improve the immune system of your English bulldog.

As mentioned above, a healthy pooch will have a natural production of Vitamin C in their body. However, an orange works wonders for dogs that are very anxious or very active. Stress or heavy exercise can overwhelm the dog’s capacity to produce vitamin C, thereby calling for some additional supplement. Feeding them oranges will help their liver synthesize the required amount of the vitamin.

Vitamin C will also help the bulldog if, by chance, they ingest something toxic, such as oxidative toxins, propylene glycol, or onion powder. Make sure to contact a veterinarian immediately if your dog ingests toxic foods before trying to remedy them at home.

Can oranges be bad for English bulldogs?

Bulldogs are generally an inactive breed with weight issues, so you have to be careful when feeding them extra calories. Oranges have a lot of natural sugars, so the fruit can be bad for your pet if eaten in excess. And, it might be best to avoid this treat completely if your bulldog is a bit on the heavy side and doesn’t need any extra calories.

Another factor that can turn the fruit into a hazardous treat for your bulldog is feeding them the wrong amount. If they are small and young, a whole orange can make them suffer from an upset stomach because of too much sugar entering their system. This can further lead to stool concerns and digestive problems.

If your dog suffers from a health condition like diabetes, oranges might not be the best snack to give them. It will bring out an instant rise in blood sugar levels, thereby leading to serious health problems.

How to prepare oranges for your English bulldog to eat?

If you are introducing oranges to your dog’s diet, remember to take things slowly. Begin by feeding the pup with a single slice, and observe their reactions. Most dogs aren’t that fond of citrus fruits due to the tendency of such treats to have a bitter taste.

YOu might consider giving the dog only one slice a day at the beginning, to prevent any vomiting or diarrhea because of the citric acid. If the pet shows no side effects, you can start to give them more slices, making sure they aren’t overfed.

Avoid going for orange juice as it is a concentrated source of citric acid and sugars from the fruit. English bulldogs don’t necessarily require the vitamins in oranges, so orange juice doesn’t provide any nutritional benefit. Instead, keep them healthy and hydrated with water. And of course, be sure to check with your vet before introducing any new foods to your bulldog.

Since many parts of an orange cane be toxic for your bulldog, it’s essential to consult your vet before adding something new to their diet. It’s also important to check to see if they might suffer from certain medical issues that can put them at some kind of risk when eating oranges. Lastly, your English bulldog’s size, weight, and age will also help your vet to determine the exact amount of fruit you should feed your dog.

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