Are American Bulldogs Good with Kids?

It’s easy to see a big American bulldog and feel intimidated, but the truth is that they can be quite patient with small children. Like with any dog, the key is training and ensuring your dog is well socialized and patient with all members in your household.

American bulldogs make great family dogs, but adequate socialization and training are required when raising them. Despite their powerful and muscular build, they are known to be quite gentle, protective, and friendly towards family members and children.

Generally, American bulldogs are good with kids. They have been domesticated for centuries and show overprotective and loving tendencies towards little children.

Traits that make American bulldogs good with kids

Did you know that there are traits that make American bulldogs good with kids? The first trait is, of course, their protective nature. Naturally, when you are protective of certain people, you will always want to take care of them. In the same way, the protective nature of American bulldogs towards family members and especially towards children allows them to draw closer to them in a caring and friendly manner.

Additionally, they can be playful if they have been trained well. American Bulldog Rescue (2006) points out that if you have an American bulldog with a playful character who is well trained, then you can be confident in letting them hang out with children.

Loyalty is yet another trait of American bulldogs that makes them good with kids. Their ability to remain faithful always gives adults the assurance that their children are safe with them.

Concerns about having an American bulldog around kids

Even though American bulldogs have been part of households for a long time, it’s important to take note that there are concerns that are worth talking about.

In fact, some cities and states in the U.S. have restricted or banned the ownership of American bulldogs. We have covered this topic in another post which can be found here. The restrictions and bans are due to incidents of American bulldogs attacking individuals. But, these incidences can usually be traced back to unfit or irresponsible dog owners.

It’s essential for parents and guardians to closely monitor kids when around American bulldogs, especially ones they might not be familiar with. We recommend parents monitor their children closely around all pets, big or small.

Why do some people worry about having American bulldogs around kids?

Unfortunately, the American bulldog is a breed that often gets a bad reputation. Some people are afraid of having them around children because they believe this breed can be aggressive, because of their strong physique and powerful jaws.

While you can train your dog to understand and accommodate little children, the negative traits associated with this dog breed puts some people off. However, with some tricks and tips, households can begin to feel confident having American bulldogs around kids.

Tips and tricks for having kids and American bulldogs in the same household

The good news for American bulldog lovers is that they can apply certain tips and tricks to help create a safe environment for both kids and American bulldogs in the home.

First and foremost, you should train your dog well so that they know how to behave around kids. As American Bulldog Rescue (2006) puts it, it’s possible to have your American bulldog trained so that it can exhibit positive traits when in the presence of little children. It’s also best to never leave your dog alone and unsupervised around young children, and that goes for many breeds. If your American bulldog tends to be more aggressive it’s important to muzzle them whenever kids are around, especially during social meetings or gatherings. This will help to maintain safety in case of any aggressive behavior from the dog. You might also consider hiring a pet trainer or taking your dog to obedience classes to instill good behavior in your dog.


American bulldogs are amazing family dogs. They have been part and parcel of households for a long time, and they will certainly continue being so. The question that many people ask, however, is whether they are good with kids. To which we say, yes they can be good with kids, as long as they are well trained and have been properly socialized.

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